Originally inspired by the Early Minimalism compositions by Tony Conrad, Folding City is an abstract meditation, in five movements, on the increasing chaos of urbanity as it moves toward a gravitational singularity of oblivion. Imaad Wasif and Nick Zinner provide the improvised score which was recorded live.


Drowning in urban legend, this surrealist horror short uses hypnotic techniques to recount the gruesome appetite of an ominous body of water. This meditation on misfortune features an original score by Australian death pop duo, VOWWS.


A Secret History of Silicon Valley

POLYESTER MIND CONTROL is a mind-boggling, secret history of Silicon Valley in the seventies that roots down into the hippie mind expansion and cult origins of today’s tech companies. Four episodes span a time frame from the moon landing to the first Apple Macintosh, with detours into inner space, the Gold Rush fueled 1800's, our present hyper-connected world and dimensions beyond.......

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